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Improve your Fleet Performance with Realtime Driving Analytics

What is GearAlyze?

Real-time Analytics

GearAlyze uses state-of-the-art predictive analysis algorithms and transforms your driving behaviour raw data into meaningful graphs and bussiness logic.

Works with your data

GearAlyze is built with connectivity in mind. This means that we can setup the platform on top of any data, including your data. So, no new hardware no migration plans and no time lost.

Helps You Spend less

Except from beatiful graphs, donuts, pies and any type of chart, GearAlyze informs you of bad driving behaviour, engine errors and fuel consumption, making you able to cut losses where possible.


We understand that an analytics platform cannot be the same for every type of customers and that's why we made GearAlyze as customizable as possible for people with zero code knowledge.